Email is more powerful than ever

Why ?

Because it takes the discussion to a more personal environment: your inbox.

personal environment

Email marketing is cost effective

Roi X 44

For each $1 you invest in email marketing, you will increase your revenue by $44.


Grow your customer base

Each month, deliver an effective message & a remarkable art work to reconnect with inactive clients, and keep connected to current clients.

monthly deliver a message

Grow your mailing list

mailing list

Every prospect is a potential buyer, now or later.
Make sure you get their contact information so you may convert them to become customers. We will provide the code to add to your website.

Grow your business

Interact with everyone that you come in contact with. Get feedback as we send surveys, polls & reviews and analyze the results for you with our powerful analytical tools for intelligent insights.


Our pricing



invoiced yearly

500 contacts
$25 per additional 500 contacts

What we offer
  • 12 campaigns
  • 12 standard artworks
  • Contact List Management


Small Team

invoiced twice a year

2,500 contacts
$50 per additional 2,500 contacts

What we offer
  • 12 campaigns
  • 10 standard + 2 custom artworks
  • Contact List Management


Big Business

invoiced quaterly

10,000 contacts
$100 per additional 10,000 contacts

What we offer
  • 12 campaigns
  • 6 standard + 6 custom artworks
  • Contact List Management



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