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Capitalize on your customer base

No nurturing of current clients
No referrals from friends and family
Instant marketing only to new clients

Sales stagnate.


Convert buyers into repeat clients
Capture referrals from friends and family
Nurture prospects until they are ready to purchase

Sales grow by 20-25% year after year.


Short Term Goals

What can reasonably be expected from a full-scale, properly implemented auto-dealership email marketing campaign in a short time span:

Dealership recognition

Encourage brand switching

Same quarter sales

Customer participation

Extend online presence & authority

Word of mouth

Long Term Goals

What an automotive dealership may look forward to through the implementation of a comprehensive email campaign strategy over the longer run.

Dealership loyalty

Higher traffic in all departments

Increased manufacturer cooperation

Gaining competitive advantage

Local market leadership

Year on year sales

Invest in email marketing

Emails trigger 30% of auto purchases

30% of auto buyers initiated their purchase upon receiving an email from a dealership.


Email Marketing = Most effective marketing tool


Email marketing is the cheapest and
most effective marketing tool available to Auto Dealers

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